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Friday, September 18, 2020

Why Your Own Intelligence Turn Against You?

In case you don’t know the best way to handle your physique, your thoughts, your feelings, your chemistry, your vitality, then stress is natural. If you live by accident, being stressed and anxious may be very natural.

Why Own intelligence Turning Against the Self

The actual reason behind stress, anxiousness, and depression: We all know the best way to do everything on the earth, however, we don’t know the best way to conduct personal life

Basically, there is no such thing as stress, It's simply that our intelligence has turned against the self

Take pleasure in what others don’t have, is this success?

Most of the time most human beings are enjoying what others do not have, not what they've. They need exclusivity. You enjoy what others don’t have.

If you search exclusivity which is the nature of ambition, you start to take pleasure in what others should not have. 

This sickness is deep-seated in our society primarily as a result of that is the nature of the mind – to understand everything only by comparison.

But knowledge, by comparison, shouldn't be actuality, only a distortion of perception which is required for survival. 

The nature of the sense organs and the nature of the mind is you'll be able to understand everything only by comparison. When that's the case you'll at all times need to see how one can be higher than somebody.

The opportunity of holding a vision and creating what is definitely needed for the making of a fantastic life on this planet is lost just because all of us are repeatedly on this ambition mode.

It's not about you is better than somebody. It's about you exploring the depth and dimension of a full-fledged life. Noting that the present era has so much more materialistically than their ancestors.

Individuals with high IQ are considered to have an advantage in many domains. They're predicted to have greater instructional attainment, higher jobs, and a better earnings level.

But, it turns out {that a} high IQ is also associated with various psychological and immunological ailments like depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and immune issues.

Why is that?

Intelligent people have a hyper-reactivity of the central nervous system.

On the one hand, this offers people with excessive IQ heightened consciousness that helps their inventive and creative work.

In reality, the field of cognitive capacity acknowledges one side of very smart people to be a broader and deeper capability to understand their surroundings.

Why your own intelligence turn against you

Reasons Why your own intelligence turn against you

  1. Don’t know the best way to handle your personal faculty
  2. Belief self-life is a burden
  3. Hopelessness
  4. Social Isolation
  5. Psychological Illness

  • Don’t know the best way to handle your personal faculty

We have not realized the best way to conduct our own life. We all know the best way to do all the pieces on the earth, but we don’t know the best way to conduct this life. 

No matter what happens, struggling occurs. Basically, there is no such thing as stress, there is no such thing as anxiety, there is no such thing as depression. It's simply that your intelligence has turned against you.

  • Belief self-life is a burden

Individuals often see themselves as a burden to others or really feel nugatory because of the overwhelming emotional burden they're carrying inside.

An individual with chronic pain or a terminal sickness also can really feel like a burden to others, because it turns into more durable and harder to ask for one more ride to the doctor's office or extra help with household duties or assistance paying for hospital payments.

  • Hopelessness

Hopelessness, both in the short-term or as a longer-lasting trait, has been found in lots of research to contribute to the choice to commit suicide. 

The individual could also be dealing with a social or physical problem and may even see no way the state of affairs can enhance.

Whereas it may appear obvious to an outdoor observer that issues will get higher, people with melancholy might not be capable of seeing this because of the pessimism and despair that go together with this sickness.

  • Social Isolation

An individual can grow to be socially remoted for a lot of causes, together with losing friends or a partner, undergoing a separation or divorce, physical or psychological illness, social anxiety, retirement, or as a result of a transfer to a new location.

Social isolation may also be attributable to inner elements resembling low self-esteem.

  • Psychological Illness

Depression could make people really feel emotional pain and lack of hope, making them unable to see one other option to relieve the ache aside from ending their very own life.

Being Intelligent Is Lonely

Being Intelligent Is Lonely

There are a number of cases of intelligent people feeling helplessly trapped by their intelligence

Individuals don’t usually have to bother understanding something. In the event that they try to show somebody and the individual doesn’t perceive, they'll proceed. 

They find it tough to empathize and lack the need to assist others to perceive.

Human beings should learn to do everything consciously, not as a habit that can't be changed. That's the significance of being human, which sets people apart from creatures.

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