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Monday, September 7, 2020

What Is the Yogic Food System All About?

Ignorance about the food we consume

The Yogic Food System

Food is not just for the physique, but for both the mind and physique. Food isn't just about the calories/protein content/daily values of minerals and vitamins.

What is the yogic food system all about?

Yogis concentrated on consuming foods that weren't only good for health but which also kept the physique gentle and alert for practicing yoga. 

The foods are divided into three categories- 

  1. Sattvic
  2. Tamasic
  3. Rajasic

Sattvic or natural foods primarily cover clarified butter, vegetables, fruits, whole grain, and legumes. Tamasic refers to meat, onions, and garlic while Rajasic comprises coffee, salt, and hot peppers.

The thought behind sattvic food is to eat only to satiate hunger without compromising on the physique's ability to stay light and alert. 

Yogis are preferred consuming natural food that kept their digestive system wholesome.

Not just the kind of meals but the timing of meals also makes for an important part of this system. Like rishi munis of India, yogis too laid emphasis on eating between sunrise and sunset and avoiding consuming at all after the sun had set. And it's advisable that the meal timings should be fixed.

One essential development that yogis follow is the precept of consuming to fill only half an abdomen. While a quarter must be full of water, the other quarter must be kept empty. The reason behind that is the same- keeping the body light.

Yogis also follow the principle of Ahimsa or non-violence, which is why they don't eat meat at all. Moreover, in addition, they consider meat to be a Tamasic food that makes the thoughts dull and the physique heavy and therefore keeps away from all types of meat.

Ignorance About the Food We Consume

People usually buy a pizza and take a look at the dietary value behind the package, and turn into completely happy trying on the calories and protein. 

Food is not just about calories and protein. The ignorant thoughts are tuned to imagine that good food is all about high protein and low calories. 

People who find themselves a bit more aware also search for fiber content, minerals, and vitamins, some buy vitamin tablets to supplement their eating regimen.

The reality is food isn't just about these things, food plays a significant half in controlling your mind. 

The so-called modern science knows nothing concerning the intricacies of the human physique, for a very long time pineal gland was thought to be a vestigial organ.

 But the ancient Indians documented the essential capabilities of the pineal gland, likewise, modern science has no understanding of how mind's capabilities and the way our food controls it. 

A healthy mind comes from a wholesome physique and vice versa. The mind and physique must be in sync with each other. 

Only wholesome and resolute thoughts can result in a healthy and versatile body. To achieve that ancient rishis used only sattvic yogic food.

Yogic Diet is a vegetarian and balanced food regimen that fulfills dietary needs and also helps in sustaining mind-body stability. 

Consuming the appropriate food, in the appropriate quantity, and at the proper time is important. A sattvic yogic food regimen usually consists of natural meals that are free from pesticides. 

Considerable vegetables, fresh fruits, moderate amounts of nuts, legumes, and pulses.  Milk and buttermilk are important. For sweetening use only unrefined sugar and honey. In spices replace chilies with black pepper.

Is the yogic food system for you

Is the yogic food system for you?

Completely, while the idea behind consuming food to maintain your physique light and healthy has no drawbacks, the entire food preferences and habits are likely to be a bit difficult to follow. 

In fact, the situations during which yogis lived were way different from ours, which is why you need to improvise upon this technique to get one of the best of it without depriving your physique of nutrients.

Not eating after sunset completely is again might not potential in this period where we're glued to the internet till midnight, at least. 

But what you are able to do is have a snack or keep your portions small if you're having a full-blown meal after Eight p.m.

But a very powerful of all is water, drink abundant water, however, there's a sample whereas drinking water. Most individuals miss this essential side. 

People drink water only when they're thirsty, water is very important for the physical effectively-being and above all for losing weight. One should drink at least 15 to 20 glasses of water a day.

Yogic Diet Plan/ Yogic Food System

  • Begin your day with Three glasses of water (so might have a nauseating feeling, when you've got then start with 1 glass and progressively increase)
  • Always sit while consuming water, don't stand and drink.
  • Take gooseberry powder combined with water.
  • Split the 15 glasses of water a day as per your convenience, never drink water while you eat, and simply after your meals. It will dilute the digestive juices within the abdomen and should result in digestive and gastric points.
  • Never skip your breakfast.
  •  Keep away from non-vegetarian food, and take a number of fruits.
  • Eat slowly and chew your food earlier than swallowing, this isn't only essential for weight loss but also essential to keep up an excellent digestive system.
  • Don't fill your abdomen, instead only eat half the capability. Eat healthy meals more often.
  • Calorie-conscious people might keep away from nuts like almonds, peanuts, and cashews as they've quite a lot of fat and calories, but ideally, they help in weight loss.
  • Fruit Fasting once a month may be an effective way to work on weight loss and mind-body effectively-being.

One main part of the yogic food system that you need to adopt is the inclusion of sattvic food. Vegetables, plants, and whole grains are a lot more healthy than processed alternatives and are part of every healthy eating program. 

Getting more of these on the table will assist not only to keep up a wonderful figure and health but will even assist tremendously when you love doing yoga. 

Since sattvic food helps to maintain the digestive system healthy and gets rid of toxins, one of the advantages consists of healthy-looking skin and hair.

Once you're through with the understanding of sattvic foods and lifestyle you may next proceed on to increasing your metabolism the natural way.

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