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Saturday, November 20, 2021

How to Prevent Constipation Problem at Home


How to prevent constipation problem at home | Yoga Sutram

Constipation is not a disease but a symptom. But if you have had this problem for a long time, it can cause a lot of stomach ailments. Physical problems such as constipation are more common due to today's lifestyle and diet.

How to prevent constipation?

Constipation Meaning

Eating unintentionally causes problems with digestion. Food is not digested properly and remains in the digestive tract. It cannot be drained because it is not digested. This can lead to pain during defecation. Constipation is a common problem. Nowadays, most people are facing this problem. The main reason for this is to eat more than necessary.

Although it is not a disease, you may consider it a symptom of a deadly disease. If such a problem persists your body must invite multiple diseases.

The Symptoms of Constipation 

Depending on the age of the person, it may take a while for a person to digest or digest food. Constipation begins when the food is not digested or half-digested and there is land in the digestive tract. If you eat a second meal before your digestion is fully absorbed, you will put more pressure on the digestive system. In general, the more the workload is pressed on a machine, the worse the digestive system is due to the overworked machine.

People under the age of 30, those who work hard have a higher digestive capacity. As you get older, your body's digestive system slows down. Second, sattvic, tamas, and rajas require different amounts of time to digest food.

It is normal for the digestive system to be affected if you do not have the right time to digest food or eat more. Second, food cannot be digested properly if you do not drink water at the right time. This can lead to constipation problems during defecation. 

Initially, the stomach swells. The stomach cannot be emptied because the defecation is not normal. Applying pressure on the abdomen does not prevent defecation. Feeling sick and dizzy.

Why does constipation happen | Yoga Sutram

Main Causes of Constipation

  • Timely and excessive intake of food
  • Changes in activities
  • Water shortages
  • Adopted dairy products
  • Alcohol and other drug use
  • Excessive drug use
  • Problems with the digestive system

Tips for preventing constipation

1. Drink plenty of water

Proper use of water is essential to relieving constipation. Drinking water at the right time does not have to be such a problem. It is important to know exactly how much water to drink from the amount of water. This is because water plays a major role in regulating digestion.

Drinking water 40 minutes before and 40 minutes after a meal is usually good for your body. Drinking a little warm water instead of cold water makes the digestion process more streamlined. Depending on the type of food, more or less water is needed to digest it.

Sattvic food is digested in just 3 to 4 hours, but it takes 4 to 12 hours for the digestion of Rajas and Tamas food. If the food is re-absorbed before digestion, the previous food will not be able to cross the digestive tract properly, leaving the stomach half-cooked. What we call constipation.

2. Right Time to Eat

It is important to give the digestive system the right time to digest food. According to the Indian Yogi, one meal is required at least eight hours after eating. This gives time to digest food.

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3. Get Regular Yogasana

Yoga is one of the best ways to prevent constipation. Daily physical exertion can activate the digestive system. So the digestion process is also accelerated. Even those who work hard or exercise more often may not have problems with constipation.

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