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Sunday, August 9, 2020

Why Is Water So Essential for Human Life ? How It Supports Life

Why is water so essential for life

Last Updated 29th Dec.2021

Water is life...Water so essential for human life. This parable is true for you, for me, for all. But based on general knowledge, the meaning of water is different, and the meaning of water is completely different from experience. 

Unique properties of water and how it supports life 💧

"Once we understand this difference, our perception of water will change." We think in general terms that we take it as life because water is absolutely necessary for our livelihood. 

Because without water, life cannot exist in our body, but in fact, water is life itself, which means that just as our body is a source of life, water is a source of life. We do not need to know everything to know this mystery, it is enough to observe ourselves.

About 72 percent of the Earth's surface is covered by water, and about 72 percent of the body is water. By carefully monitoring the effects of water on the body, you can learn about the living properties of water. 

If you regularly practice meditation, you may have this experience. You can find out for yourself how much water your body needs, how water regulates your body, and how much water affects your body. 

Water so essential for human life. As long as you accept the first meaning of water, water will be the basis of your life. But just to understand the second meaning, there will be a strange change in your attitude towards water. You will be self-aware.

How much water does our body need?

Importance of water in human life

Does the body need as much water as it did yesterday, or does it need less or more water today? 

Doctors generally recommend drinking about 8 glasses of water a day. What we drink should be detox water or pure. But it is also common to have low or high water levels. 

Importance of water in human life

Water so essential for life: A person who is physically active needs more water. But the best use of water is to get the right amount of water to our body at the right time. 

This means that we need to drink water (one glass) half an hour before meals and an hour after eating. If you take this general advice, as a rule, you will not face problems such as digestive problems, abdominal pain. 

Drinking water before allowing your body to eat vegetarian nutritious food and an hour after a meal gives your body the right ingredients. You can imagine this after a few days of practice.

It's also important to know when to drink water and how much to drink. Water maintains the balance of body fluids as well as digestion, absorption, blood circulation, saliva formation, transport of nutritious food, and maintenance of body temperature of physical fluids

Excessive water intake can damage your body. It would not be right to mention the exact amount of it, as the requirements vary across the body. 

Water life

Water so essential for human life, you need to drink as much water as your body needs to feel healthy. It is important to take a small amount of water after a hard workout and double the amount of water after a short interval. 

You can tell when you are aware of how much water your body needs to be satisfied. No timetable is required for this.

Water so essential for human life

The most important thing is to test the purity of the water you are receiving. You must know that the water that looks clean to the eyes is not pure. 

Therefore, it is important to think about the purity of the water once before taking it. The source of the water you are drinking is water, so believe in the processing of water. 

It is best to keep water in a copper or steel container without water in a normal plastic bottle. As a general test, you can tell the difference by drinking water in a plastic bottle and a copper container for a few hours (more than 4 hours). 

When exposed to copper, parts of the toxins in the water are destroyed. Which is good for the body. Tray to know the water, understand life, be happy.

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