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Monday, August 24, 2020

Overcome The 5 Common Obstacles to Meditation

The sad truth is that whereas most of us are aware of the benefits of meditation, very few of us actually have a daily meditation practice. There are a lot of obstacles to beat in order to incorporate meditation into our daily lives.

But first, I feel it is necessary to define what meditation is? Many people have misconceptions about meditation. 

Meditation Experiences Beginners

Meditation, pure and easy, is being fully present at the moment! In this meditative state, you're aware of the reality of whom you're beyond your body and your mind.

Have you ever been in awe at a fantastic sunset? So much so that you forgot about what happened 5 minutes ago, and you were not thinking about the future? 

You had been utterly within the moment and had this sense of aliveness inside? Properly, that is meditation!

So now that we all know what meditation is, how will we incorporate it into our daily lives?

5 Common Obstacles during Meditation

  1. Not having enough time
  2. Lack of Self-Discipline
  3. Not having the right space or clean place to meditate
  4. Falling Asleep
  5. Too many distractions

  • Meditation Obstacle 1: Not Having Enough Time

The common obstacle people face in developing a regular meditation practice is time. We do not have sufficient time to meditate!

But there are some easy methods to include meditation into your life without taking any time out of your current schedule.

The average person waits 45-60 minutes a day. We wait for appointments, we wait in traffic, we wait in line at the grocery store, and we wait on hold on the cell phone. 

But these valuable 'waiting times' could be transformed into meditating times.

So next time you are waiting for an appointment, take a moment to note your breath. Or the subsequent time you're ready in line at the grocery retailer, take a moment to smile from the inside.

Meditate whereas driving! 

Now, in fact, don't shut your eyes and meditate while driving. However, you could be utterly present whereas driving, with your eyes open. 

While driving, notice the aliveness in your hands as you touch the steering wheel. Or at a stop signal or in traffic, notice your breath.

These are easy methods you may incorporate meditation into your daily life without taking any time out of your current schedule. If all of us did these easy things, we would have a daily meditation practice!

Meditation Obstacle

  • Meditation Obstacle 2: Lack of Self-Discipline

The second obstacle people face in incorporating yoga into their daily life is a lack of self-discipline! Meditation takes self-discipline.

If you lack self-discipline, find a meditation partner! Ask your spouse, companion, friend, or coworker to join you in incorporating meditation into your daily life. Maintain each other accountable.

And even if you cannot find someone that wants to meditate with you, inform your spouse/friend/companion/coworker of your intention to meditate daily and ask him/her to check in with you and ask you how you are doing.

  • Meditation Obstacle 3: Not Having the Right Space  or Clean Place to Meditate

The third-largest obstacle people talked about will not be having the fitting place or space to meditate! 

This can be a 'perceived obstacle'. You possibly can actually meditate wherever; whereas driving an automobile or walking through a crowded mall.

Folks often use not having a special place or a specific space as an excuse to not meditate. If we regularly wait for the right circumstances to meditate, we'll by no means meditate.

I give folks a meditation task: to meditate in a public place! They will stroll via the wall and spot folks and locations whereas observing their breath or noticing the aliveness in their feet.

  • Meditation Obstacle 4: Falling Asleep

The fourth common obstacle to meditation is falling asleep. It's okay if you go to sleep since you are nonetheless receiving the benefits of meditation- The only benefit you're receiving is a peaceful sleep! 

And yet, that may be a profit too! Meditation is consciousness. It is being fully present in the intervening time. Once you're asleep, you are asleep, not meditating.

Here are some ideas if you go to sleep whereas meditating:

Attempt to meditate in the morning or midday when you're alert.

Meditate in small increments throughout the day. Again, notice your breath for a few minutes while brushing your teeth or showering.

  • Meditation Obstacle 5: Too Many Distractions

The fifth most typical complaint from people is that there are too many distractions to meditating. But distractions do not need to be distractions.

In case you are meditating and a distraction happens. Simply notice it. Enable it to be. If it is one thing that wants your consideration, is likely to no matter what must be done, while nonetheless observing your breath!

Obstacles During Meditation

So many individuals really feel that they do not know to meditate. We make meditation more difficult than it truly is.

Again, meditation is about being present within the moment. It is actually about finding what works for you!

Again, you may incorporate meditation into your life without taking the trip to your schedule. Your life can turn into a meditation. 

It's those moments throughout the day that we're fully present at the moment that matter. And through meditation, we discover the bliss of being that we're!

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